We had an absolutely fantastic weekend, there were 4 generations together, with the youngest being 5 months old and my Mum turning 90 in May. We were all very impressed at how well appointed the house is and the main bathroom is great. The view from the living is gorgeous and the dining room table is nice and big.

We have been raving about your place to everyone who has asked us about our experience, and hope to repeat it at some time in the future. Mum wrote in your visitor’s book that she hoped her family would bring her back again. By the way, we managed to get her into the beach wheelchair (she wasn’t going to at first) and she had a ball!
— Rosanne
Thank you for a fabulous couple of days. We LOVED it.
— Eryn
Hi Ripples N Tonic,

I would like to tell you what a wonderful time my family and friends had at your holiday home at Silverleaves. We were there in from the Tuesday after Easter for 3 nights. Great facilities for my wheelchair based friend. Once the kids were in bed the adults had a free picture show of the wildlife. First night was handfeeding the possums. Second night was a wallaby and possum fight out for the bananas, then last night was Mum and baby possum. We managed to get Anthony down on the beach in your dune buggy (as we call it) and he loved it and was reinvigorated.
— Kathy
Well it has taken me a little while but finally I am getting my act together and am emailing you regarding our fabulous holiday at Solarno House Phillip Island. This has been prompted by the receipt of Ian’s toothbrush charger in the mail today. Thank you very much for that…much appreciated.

We all had a truly marvellous time and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of all being together for a holiday where the accommodation offerred everything for everyone involved. We were very impressed with the facilities and equipment for Ian, and although we didn’t use the beach wheelchair this time (Natasha and I weren’t sure we could push it over soft sand with Ian on board and didn’t want to chance getting bogged), we hope to have Damian with us next time to add a little more strength to the equation. The children were delighted with the garden, the birds, the access to the beach and of course the games, movies, 3 TVs and WiFi. They also enjoyed being able to spend so much time with poppa, instead of a just few hours here and there.
Ian has had his best holiday ever and was truly able to relax and rest during our stay.

I would like to thank you for putting together a holiday destination that is so completely set up for someone with high needs that there is no need to have to source and hire equipment, or cart truckloads of it from home. What a joy to just pack the clothes, a few towels and some personal items, jump in the car and go! You offer a holiday haven indeed and we look forward to spending time there on our next visit.
— Suzanne