About Ripples n Tonic

Our vision is to operate a beautiful accommodation service in a relaxing and tranquil environment that caters for our diverse population. 

Ripples n Tonic was established in 2011, when the co-founders Dianne and     Michael decided that it was time to operationalise their dream of creating an inclusive accommodation setting for all people living in our community to enjoy.  Motivated by social conscience and a shared desire to ensure that there are  more quality accessible accommodation options for people with a disability, a mental health issue or in need of respite from life’s challenges, Dianne and Michael made a bold move purchase the first Ripples n Tonic property, fondly known as the ‘Solaro’ Beach stay.

‘Solaro’ has a rich and magical history, built in the 1950’s as a family beach retreat, it remained in that family until 2011.  The owners once lived in the house and made the Island their home.  In 2011, the property was purchased to provide holiday and respite accommodation to our diverse population so that families and small groups can have the opportunity to experience the wonderful magic of Silverleaves foreshore and beach at Phillip Island.

The basis for establishing the brand name Ripples n Tonic is that very fact that positive social and environmental interactions can have enormous rippling effects to enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of all who are touched by beautiful holiday respite experience.  Just like ripples across water, the rippling effect continues across the lives of individuals who receive the ‘Ripples n Tonic’ service experience.  The tonic is the additive to stimulate and create sustained good health.  Like medicine that strengthens and invigorates, the ‘Ripples n Tonic’ service setting aims to enhance positive lifestyles and well-being, using a relaxing inclusive approach for all to enjoy.

Within a few years, it was evident that Dianne and Michael had come up with a formula that could better address an unmet need in the Australian community with respect to providing quality accessible accommodation with a beach house that immediately backs onto a beautiful and serene swimming beach that comes with its own aquatic beach wheel chair.  There have been countless people of all ages who have benefited from what Ripples n Tonic can offer, for example, access to experience this fantastic beach whilst enjoying full family and group participation.  One of the best endorsements is that fact that many families / groups have returned to recharge their batteries and get another dose of ‘Ripples n Tonic’ evidenced by regular bookings by the same families each year.  

Ripples n tonic is committed to:
•     Ensuring that people relax and have a good time
•    Creating an environment which holistically promotes well being
•    Establishing a clear link between nature and good health 

In March 2016, Dianne and Michael continued to further realise their Ripples n Tonic vision through the acquisition of Alvina Cottages on 15 acres located close to Ventnor Beach, Phillip Island, which is now known as the Ripples n Tonic ‘Alvina Farm Stay’.  This property has operated as a beautiful accessible business for approximately 15 years that consists of six accessible accommodation options on 15 acres of prime faming land in the middle of one of Victoria’s premier tourist destinations.  The property is undergoing some improvements and enhancements to enable guests to experience a relaxing farm stay experience which includes interaction with a variety of farm animals and the trimmings expected of a quality respite holiday experience.  

Just like ‘Solaro’, the ‘Alvina Farm Stay’ is adorned with all of the modern conveniences expected of a fully self-contained accommodation service offering, such as free WiFi access, DVD and book collections and great access to all of Phillip Islands fantastic natural attractions, including the famous Penguin Parade, that occurs every evening (just 5 minutes drive down the road) that entertains visitors of all ages.  

Drive 5 minutes to the main township of Cowes and you have access to dozens of quality modern restaurants if you feeling like a break from cooking.   A point of difference with ‘Alvina Farm Stay’ is that you can wake up to the sound of the roosters calling “Cockle-doodle-doo” or hear the sound of nearby Kookaburras.  Then you look out your bedroom window and you immediately feel the relaxing effects of being on a farm, far away from the hustle & bustle of city life.

Whether you come to stay at Solaro Beach Stay or Alvina Farm Stay, it’s a good feeling when you arrive and you stay for a while and relax at Ripples n Tonic!